Thursday, May 11, 2023

Picnic Change to GOTL Geneva Township Park

We have decided to change the primary location for the afternoon picnic on Saturday’s ride.  

Let me explain.  

On Saturday, May 6, three of us left Kent on our Vespas to ride test the route to Geneva on the Lake (GOTL).  It is a beautiful route but took a little longer than anticipated.  When we arrived at GOTL, we discovered quickly that the Geneva Township Park is a much better place to have the picnic.  It is just footsteps away from food choices and it is just beautiful. 

We realized that this is a place where folks will want to spend time to enjoy the view and the town.  With that recognition, we realized that our arrival back in Kent would be later than anticipated.  In addition to that, we anticipate that there will be some folks who live in the Northeast, who will not want to return back to Kent.  So, it makes sense to have the primary picnic at the Geneva Township Park.

For those who return to Kent, our endpoint will be the Fred Fuller Park.  The group can decide from there how we want to spend the evening.  Several folks will be spending Saturday night in Kent.